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 Barking Bay Beauties. 

Dog Grooming Salon, Torquay..

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Price guide!

Posted on 29 June, 2013 at 6:30 Comments comments ()

PRICE GUIDE -  These prices are for my regular customers coming 6-10 weekly.  Prices will be more for dogs that are not regular and take longer to groom.  The price is also dependent on coat condition, de shedding, de matting, temperament of dog etc.


Small dog (shih tzu/Lhasa/Westie) £27

Medium dog (Cocker spaniel size) £29

Large dog (Labrador/Springer size) £32

X Large (Old English Sheepdog/Long-haired German Shepherd size) £50

Curly coats will cost more eg - Cockerpoo from £30, Labradoodle from £35.


A Full Groom consists of - Bath with excellent quality shampoo to suit your dogs coat/skin and a blueberry facial scrub. Brush and Blow-dry with a high velocity dryer, excellent for blowing out any dead coat. Cut/clip/trim to a style you want. Nails clipped and filed, ears cleaned and even a pad wax applied if your dogs paw pads feel a bit rough and need a pampering!

Price list

Posted on 1 April, 2013 at 13:25 Comments comments ()

Bath, blow dry and nails. From £20.

Full Grooms (Includes bath, blow-dry, facial scrub, nails clipped, pedicure, cut/clip/trim, ears cleaned). From £27.

Full deshedding groom (includes all of above plus blasting out the dead coat with high velocity dryer). From £35.

Nail clip and file. From £3.

Pedicure (nails clipped and filed, hair in between pads shaved and pad wax applied). From £8.

For matted/knotty coats the initial groom will be from £40 due to wear on my blades , time and products used, then from £27 after if booked in regularly (every 6-8 weeks).